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Kansas Corn Commission Funded Projects

FY 2016 KCC Funded Projects


Kansas State University Research:

Ignacio Ciampitti, “Extension Activities, Educational Materials and Applied Research for Kansas Corn”–$11,444

Daniel Flippo, “Study of Light Wavelength and Image Processing to Automatically Identify Corn Pests” — $36,970

Nathan Nelson, “Cover Crops and Phosphorus Management to Protect Water Quality in Corn-Soybean Rotation” — $5,000

Sarah Zukoff, “Developing IPM Strategies for Drought Tolerand Corn Under Deficit Irrigation Scenarios” — $32,111

Sunghun Park, “Genetic Engineering Strategy to Develop Heat, Drought and Cold Tolerant Kansas Corn” — $35,930

Kansas Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom, “Connecting Classrooms to Kanas Agriculture” — $15,000

International Grains Program, K-State “Market Development” — $75,000

US Meat Export Federation, “International Market Development for Red Meats” —  $75,000

US Grains Council, “International Market Development for Corn and Corn Products” —  $315,000

Kansas Better Blends Initiative, Ethanol Pump Infrastructure/USDA Grant project — $250,000

Kansas Corn Growers Association “Kansas Corn Market Development, Promotion and Education” — $490,500

National Corn Growers Association “Research, Market Development, Promotion and Education: — $1,172,000
NCGA Funding summary: Base Funding: $227,000 plus Portfolio Funding in the following areas: Image & Corn Farmers Coalition Campaigns: $205,000;   Biotechnology: $5,000; Ethanol: $150,000; Grower Services: $10,000; Production/Stewardship: $10,000; Public Policy Education: $30,000, and Research and Development: $15,000; Ag-Auto-Ethanol Working Group: $10,000; Prime the Pump Ethanol Infrastructure Development: $260,000; American Ethanol/NASCAR Project: $250,000.

Grants: Kansas FFA; Kansas Better Blends Initiative (Kansas ethanol infrastructure); Kansas Farm Food Connection; KS Grain and Feed Association’s Tomorrows Ag Leaders (TAL) Program; KARL Leadership Program; Kansas 4-H Foundation;


FY-2016 Funded Projects

Below is a listing of projects funded by the Kansas Corn Commission in Fiscal Year 2014, beginning July 1, 2015 and ending June 30, 2016. The commission may fund additional projects before the end of the fiscal year.

Research $193,205 8%
Domestic Market Development $1,015,250 40%
Foreign Market Development $685,250 27%
Promotion & Education $620,250 25%
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