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Kansas Corn Commission Refund Voucher

Growers may request a refund of the one cent per bushel Kansas corn checkoff. The checkoff rate was one-half cent per bushel through June 30, 2015. Beginning on July 1, 2015, the Kansas corn checkoff rate is one cent per bushel. The Kansas corn assessment refund procedure is based on a voucher system. A copy of that voucher can be downloaded here, or requested by contacting the Kansas Corn Commission office.

If a producer requests a voucher for refund, the first purchaser must complete the Purchaser’s portion of the voucher and give it to the producer. The producer then completes the Seller’s portion of the voucher and forwards it to the Commission office.

The Kansas Corn Commission refund voucher must contain original signatures of both the purchaser and the seller. No copies of signatures can be accepted. Please do not include any settlement sheets with the voucher as they are not required for the refund and cannot be returned. Refund checks cannot be issues for an amount less than $5. Vouchers must be submitted within one year of the date of sale.

The voucher system was implemented in 2003 to eliminate problems with stamped settlement sheets and also to reduce paperwork. If you have any questions regarding collecting or refunding corn assessments please do not hesitate to give us a call.

If you would like voucher forms mailed to you, please e-mail Sue Hardman, Programs Manager or call toll free at 800-489-2676.

Download Corn Refund Voucher Form

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