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Kansas Corn Statistics


Good News About Kansas Corn!

Kansas harvested the largest crop in the state’s history in 2016: 699 million bushels with a yield of 142 bushels per acre.

While Kansas Corn acres have doubled since the mid-1990s, irrigated corn acres have remained virtually unchanged over the past 20 years, at about 1.5 million acres.

20 years ago, only 28 percent of Kansas corn acres were non-irrigated. Today, 62% of Kansas corn acres are grown without irrigation.

About two-thirds of the Kansas corn crop is used in-state, and one-third of the crop leaves the state for use in other states or other countries.

The top customers for Kansas corn are livestock feeders and ethanol plants.

Exports matter to Kansas Corn. Mexico and Japan are the top corn buyers, purchasing 50 percent of U.S. corn exports. Mexico accounts for 28 percent of US corn exports, and Japan accounts for 22 percent.








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