Improving Kansas Corn Through Research

Research Projects

Funding Research for Productivity, Sustainability and New Uses

The Kansas Corn Commission (KCC) funds projects at Kansas State University and other universities to make advances in several areas related to corn. Such initiatives include researching innovative production practices and finding new uses for corn.

Water Technology Farms Aim to Increase Sustainability

The KCC funded two water technology farms in 2016 and funded several additional projects in 2017. This and other water sustainability research is supported with corn checkoff dollars by the KCC..

Working with the Kansas Water Office and the state’s Water Vision program, Kansas Corn is providing financial support for the research being conducted on these innovative farms that test new technology on farm fields to use groundwater for irrigation more sustainably. Many types of technology are being tested, including moisture sensors and different types of irrigation technology.

Pawnee County Technology Farm Project: $12,000
Garden City Company Water Technology Project: $13,300
Seward Co. Water Technology Project: $15,000
Upper Smoky Circle C Farms, Scott and Lane Counties:  $10,000
Northwest Kansas Technical College (multiple NW Kansas locations): $15,000
Upper Smoky Wichita Co.: $5,000

K-State’s Innovative Web App:

K-State’s web-based application is an open-source, extension-based application that will provide farmers with customized, science-based support tools to improve farming practices. (The application is supported with corn checkoff dollars by the KCC.)

myFields can help link farmer data with crop models to optimize farming operations. The web-based application provides an efficient method to push content to users when and where they need it, refined further by variety grown, planting date and growth stage.

Efficient delivery of information between farmers and researchers is accomplished by simply asking who, when and where.

Corn Growth and Development Poster Available

The KCC helped to fund an effort led by Ignacio Ciampitti, Ph.D of K-State to create a Corn Growth and Development poster. The poster has been published by K-State Research and Extension and is available in English, Spanish, Mexican Spanish and Portuguese.

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