Kansas Leader Joins Nation’s Corn Growers for Policy Review

The interests of corn growers from across the country were considered last week as the membership and policy organization came together to plan for 2014 and beyond. Kansas Corn Growers Association President Bob Timmons, who farms near Fredonia, attended the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) Policy and Priority meeting in St. Louis, Mo.

NCGA brings farm leaders together to set policy each year and begin discussion of state and national priorities for the remainder of the 2014 fiscal year Together, these grower leaders carefully assessed NCGA’s policies on such subjects as biotechnology, ethanol, public policy and trade.

Participants included the chairs, presidents and executive directors of NCGA’s state organizations, as well chairs and vice chairs of the organization’s action teams and committees. The Priority and Policy Conference also brought in leadership from NCGA for a discussion of its future priorities and of trade issues.

In addition, Kansas lawmakers opened its legislative session last week, which reminded the Kansas Corn Growers Association (KCGA) to forward policy that supports the state’s corn-producing families.

A top priority for KCGA members is to rally state support to maintain existing levels of ethanol in the Renewable Fuels Standard and defend ethanol against regulatory and industry attacks. The corn growers association also continues work on implementation of E15 fuel, and higher levels for Flex Fuel Vehicles. KCGA also works to ensure corn farmers have input on the Governor’s Water Vision process, and that planting decisions remain in the hands of growers. KCGA continues its work with its in-state customers, while minimizing negative activity against ethanol.

KCGA supports a strong crop insurance program and market-based farm programs. The association participates in discussions regarding water quantity and quality, and represents growers in pesticide regulations, nutrients and other water quality standards.