Lesser Prairie Chicken Briefings at Minneola, Ulysses, Tuesday, Dec. 16

Lesser Prairie Chicken Briefing to Be Held Tuesday, Dec. 16 at Minneola and Ulysses.

Kansas Corn Growers Association members, you are invited to a briefing on the “Stop Fowl Play” effort on Tuesday, Dec. 16. KFB Legislative Counsel Mike Irvin and KFB Foundation Director Harry A. Watts will hold briefings on the “Stop Fowl Play” campaign on Dec. 16 in Minneola and Ulysses. The briefing will be moderated by Kansas Corn CEO Greg Krissek.

The meetings will feature information on how KFB and a coalition that includes the Kansas Corn Growers Association, Texas Farm Bureau, Colorado Farm Bureau, New Mexico Farm and Livestock Bureau, Oklahoma Farm Bureau and the American Farm Bureau Federation are fighting an “endangered” listing of the lesser prairie chicken.

The bird’s habitat includes 39 counties in western Kansas.

Lesser Prairie Chicken Briefings
Tuesday, December 16

9 a.m. at the Civic Connection, 132 Main St., Minneola, KS

2 p.m. at the Civic Center, 1000 W. Patterson Ave., Ulysses, KS


For more information about the lesser prairie chicken and the impact of an endangered listing, go to: