Kansas Growers Post High Yields in National Corn Yield Contest

Kansas Growers Post High Yields in National Corn Yield Contest

Todd Cyr of Clyde led the Kansas winners of the National Corn Growers Association 2014 National Corn Yield Contest with a yield of over 339 bushels per acre in the irrigated category. NCGA released the names of the winners of the yield contest today. While no Kansans won national honors, Kansas growers posted impressive results. Nationally, entrants continued to far surpass the national average corn yield, setting a contest record with a new all-time high yield of 503 bushels per acre set by Randy Dowdy of Valdosta, GA in the . Additionally, a record six national entries surpassed the 400-plus bushel per acre mark. The National Corn Yield Contest is now in its 50th year and remains NCGA’s most popular program for members. Participation in the contest remained strong in 2014 with 8,129 entries received.

The Kansas Corn Yield Contest winners are below:
*Entrants with an asterisk were not eligible to win because they won in another category. Entrants can only win one category.


*Jason Taylor, White Cloud                Taylor Seed 8850 VT2Pro                    300.0237

1 BEBB FARMS, Altamont                       DEKALB DKC64-69RIB                      282.9116

2 Alex Noll, Winchester                           DEKALB DKC64-69RIB                      274.5488

* Brad Taylor,  White Cloud                   Taylor Seed 8844 VT2PRO                  273.9276

3 Lucas Cochren, Whiting                      DEKALB DKC64-69RIB                     269.1964


No-Till/Strip-Till Non-Irrigated

1 Jason Taylor,  White Cloud                  Taylor Seed 8012 VT2PRO                   300.4343

2 Jeff Koelzer, Onaga                               DEKALB DKC63-55RIB                         286.2394

3 Brad Taylor, White Cloud                     Taylor Seed 8012 VT2PRO                   281.3383


No-Till/Strip-Till Irrigated

1 Damian Cyr, Clyde                                  Pioneer P1690AM™                              316.6753

2 Vern Nightengale, Copeland               Pioneer P1625CHR                                 303.2842

3 Robbie Yost, Montezuma                     Pioneer P1151AM™                              287.7255



1 Todd Cyr, Clyde                                        Pioneer P2088AM™                              339.0802

2 Chris Bodenhausen, Muscotah          Pioneer P2088AM™                              337.1957

3 Vern Nightengale, Copeland              Pioneer P1690CHR                                 302.8435