Vinduska Honored by US Grains Council

Kansas Corn Commissioner Terry Vinduska from Marion was honored by the US Grains Council for his 20 years as a Kansas delegate to the Council. More than 250 delegates participated in the US Grains Council’s Winter Annual Meeting in Heredia, Costa Rica to assess programs and develop marketing strategies for 2015. Vinduska is a past USGC Chairman and remains active in the organization.

After 20 years representing the Kansas Corn Commission on the U.S. Grains Council (USGC), Terry Vinduska says the Council’s people are the highlight of his service.

“I can’t pick a single event that stands out, but one thing I take away is the incredible quality of people I’ve had a chance to be involved with in those 20 years,” he said.

“I’ve worked side-by-side with farmers, industry, Council staff, media and government officials in a way I never would have dreamed possible for a farmer from Kansas.”

From “incredibly good times to really challenging times,” Vinduska, who chaired the Council in 2011, said “the people who were at your side during both were a real blessing. I’ve made friends who will last a lifetime.”

As an example, he cites USGC President and CEO Tom Sleight, who is also marking 20 years with the Council.

“The first thing about Tom is his dedication to the Council and what it stands for,” Vinduska said. “He believes strongly in our mission and is very, very committed to implementing all that the Council stands for.

“He’s a terrific advocate for U.S. agriculture and a great friend to the U.S. farmer. Even when there are challenges, when there’s lots of negatives going around, Tom is able to see the positive, to see the light at the end of the tunnel and keep everyone on track and focused on what’s important.”

Vinduska sees a similar dedication among Council staff members.

“A big part of what makes the Council staff so successful and so endearing to the rest of us is that so many of them have a strong agricultural background,” he said. “They are true believers in what we do.”

Both were honored on Feb. 11 at the Council’s 12th International Marketing Conference and 55th Annual Membership Meeting in Heredia, Costa Rica, along with other USGC staff and members celebrating notable anniversaries.