Onaga Grower Tops Kansas Corn Yield Contest Entrants

With a yield of 318 bushels per acre, Jeff Koelzer of Onaga turned in the top yield for Kansas growers in the National Corn Growers Association Corn Yield Contest. Koelzer’s 318 bushel per acre yield came in No-Till/Strip Till Non-Irrigated division.  Vern Nightengale of Copeland had the state’s second highest yield in the No-Till/Strip-Till Irrigated division with a yield of 302 bushels per acre.  While the Kansas entries were impressive, none won national honors. The top yield on the national level was 532 bushels per acre from an irrigated entry by David Hula of Charles City, VA.

The Kansas winners of the 2015 NCGAA Corn Yield Contest are below:

*Entrants with an asterisk were not eligible to win because they won in another category. Entrants can only win one category.


  1. Jason Taylor, White Cloud; Taylor Seed Farms 8012 VT2PRO; yield 277.5944
  2. Alex Noll, Winchester; DEKALB DKC63-33RIB; yield 259.2684
  3. Doug Rethman, Seneca; Pioneer P1479AM™; yield 239.2351


A No-Till/Strip-Till Non-Irrigated

  1. Jeff Koelzer, Onaga; DEKALB DKC66-59RIB; yield 318.0486
  2. Clem Koelzer, Onaga; DEKALB DKC63-55RIB; yield 285.0504
  3. Glenn Heinen, Seneca; Pioneer P1751AMT™*; yield 278.8584


No-Till/Strip-Till Irrigated

  1. Vern Nightengale, Copeland; Pioneer P1311AMXT™; yield 302.3733
  2. Rusty Sherwood, Sublette; Pioneer P1197AM™; yield 301.2998
  3. Max Linin, Goodland; Pioneer P1197CHR; yield 300.8176



* Vern Nightengale, Copeland; Pioneer P1602AM™; yield 298.6140

  1. Todd Cyr, Clyde; Pioneer P2089AM™; yield 298.2978
  2. Dennis Hamlin, Hugoton; DEKALB DKC64-87RIB; yield 277.3044
  3. Gale Walz, Saint Francis; Pioneer P1625CHR; yield 273.3460