Fjell, Thielen Bring Research, Stewardship, Education Expertise to Kansas Corn

Kansas Corn Adds New Staff Members

Dale Fjell, Director of Research and Stewardship

Dale Fjell, Ph.D., has begun a new career as Director of Research and Stewardship for Kansas Corn. Fjell, who was a former K-State Extension Crop Production Specialist and more recently, the Northeast Area Extension Director, retired from K-State on Sept. 1.

“Dale’s experience in research, agronomy and extension, coupled with his familiarity with corn growers across the state, made him a perfect fit for this position,” Kansas Corn CEO Greg Krissek said. “Kansas Corn has worked with Dale for years, and he knows our challenges and opportunities well.”

Corn farmers are part of an increased focus on stewardship and sustainability, and Dale is well-suited to guide Kansas Corn in those areas. His expertise in agronomy and extension will also be a valuable asset for the Kansas Corn Commission when it considers future research projects, Krissek said.

Sharon Thielen, Educational Curriculum Manager

Sharon Thielen, Ph.D., has joined Kansas Corn as Educational Curriculum Manager. In early September, Thielen left Kansas State University after serving as Assistant Dean of Academic Programs in the College of Agriculture. She will now split time between two jobs: one with Kansas Corn and the other at home raising four young daughters. She and her husband, Kevin, also are active on their family farm.

“Sharon is exactly what we were looking for in an educational curriculum manager. The focus of her graduate degrees coupled with her work experience at the K-State College of Agriculture will help us continue to develop and advance and our portfolio of education efforts,” Krissek said.

The Kansas Corn Commission is a grower-led board that invests the one-cent per bushel corn checkoff. The Kansas Corn Growers Association is a membership-based organization affiliated with the National Corn Growers Association and represents its growers on the state and national levels. KCGA now has five full-time and five part-time staff located across the state, serving growers, managing cooperator projects, developing markets, and communicating the good news about the Kansas corn industry.


Kansas Corn Staff

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