Big Kansas Corn Crop Predicted

The USDA/NASS October crop estimate had some big news for Kansas Corn with increased corn crop estimate of 713 million bushels, a surprising increase over the big September estimate of 687 million bushels. Yield was estimated at 147 bu/acre, down from the September estimate. The increase comes from 300,000 additional harvested acres in this month’s report. Looking at the district numbers, the increase of 300,000 acres from last month was fairly uniform. The districts with the largest acreage increases from last year are west central with a 44 percent increase and north central with a 40 percent increase. The full October Crop Production Estimates report is attached.

Although 713 million bushels sounds like a huge increase, it is 3.7 percent higher than the September estimate. Kansas corn production has never been in the 700 million bushel range before, nor has it been in the 600 million bushel range. In fact, the standing record was set in 2009 at 598 million bushels. Nationally, six states are predicted to have higher production than Kansas.

If this production number holds, the 2016 Kansas corn crop will represent a 23 percent increase over last year’s crop. It would beat the 2009 record crop by 19 percent.

Kansas Ag Statistics October Crop Production Estimates