KCGA Statement

KCGA Disappointed in House Farm Bill Vote

5/18/18–The Kansas Corn Growers Association is disappointed with the House of Representatives’ failure to pass H.R. 2, the 2018 Farm Bill. KCGA partnered with National Corn Growers Association as well as the other Kansas commodity and agriculture groups to encourage the House to turn back attacks on the crop insurance program and any other amendments that would doom passage of the Farm Bill. The House voted down the damaging amendments, but failed to pass the bill on the floor today. The House must pass the Farm Bill before it moves to the Senate.
“It’s very disappointing, and I think the majority party should be able to work together to pass this key piece of legislation when it comes up again for a vote,” said KCGA President Ken McCauley, White Cloud. “We are on a limited time frame to pass the 2018 Farm Bill before it expires in September. Especially in these difficult financial times for farmers, we need the certainty of the Farm Bill, and we will continue to work with our Kansas Congressional delegation to get the 2018 Farm Bill to the President’s desk.”
KCGA’s top priority in the 2018 Farm Bill is to protect and preserve a strong and viable crop insurance program as well as the safety net programs which are important to farmers, especially at a time when the farm economy is experiencing a major downturn.