Guest Blog by Alicia Allen

I Am FarmHer 2018

This is a guest blog written by Corn Corps Class 2 member, Alicia Allen, about her time at the I Am FarmHer 2018 conference in 2018. Through her involvement in our Corn Corps program, Kansas Corn sponsored Alicia’s attendance to this conference as part of our way to invest back into the farmers that invest their time in us.

Before founding the FarmHer brand, Marji Guyler-Alaniz describes herself as an average, rural Iowa raised girl, who worked in corporate agriculture for a crop insurance company. She was bothered by the lack of representation for the women in agriculture. After 11 years selling crop insurance, she quit her job and went to work developing the vision of what became FarmHer – a grassroots movement of women who love the land, care for their community and feed people.

A great many women identify with this movement, myself included. I was raised on a farm in rural western Kansas around Wallace County. When I came back to the farm in 2014, I would often be the sole woman surrounded by men at field days and ag events. So when I found myself at the I Am FarmHer 2018 conference in Kansas City, in the midst of 150 other women in ag, I knew I had found a good thing.

On Monday attendees toured Green Dirt Farms where they raise sheep and make sheep cheese. It was pretty tasty!

Every speaker had some involvement in agriculture. We listened to Carey Portell talk about her collision with a drunk driver that all but completely crushed her legs. She told us about her path to recovery through 12 surgeries and the determination it took to learn to walk again and do things every day that most people take for granted. She is now able to feed the cattle on her ranch every day with equipment provided by AgrAbility. Her story is a reminder to keep a positive attitude about life.

There was a variety of women at the conference to meet and learn from, so even though there were some great speakers, I think what I enjoyed most was the time set aside for networking. Several sessions shined light on the importance of relationships in our lives. After all, what is life without relationships? Life as a FarmHer can feel lonely sometimes. But if we spend time developing relationship with other likeminded people, we are never alone.

If you are interested in this movement you can go to to listen to the podcast, sign up for the newsletter, find an event in your area, and even submit a video for a chance to be on the FarmHer TV show!