Kansas Corn Launches Campaign to Push Sales of Ethanol Blends in Wichita Area

March 15, 2019–Kansas Corn launched a new campaign today to push consumers to purchase higher ethanol blends. Those who attended the 2019 Corn Symposium saw a sneak peek of the campaign. The campaign is micro-targeted initially in the Wichita area where we have worked to make higher ethanol blends available through ten Jump Start stores. The campaign is designed to be expanded to other areas and retailers in Kansas.

The new fueledbykansas.com website will serve as an information source and will also offer the map of stations selling E15 and higher blends. Check it out here. Also be sure to “like” our Fueled by Kansas campaign’s Facebook page.

The campaign will first focus on E15 fuel and is called Kansas-Made Mid-Grade. The campaign points out that E15 is more affordable, locally made and local economies and local farmers. The campaign will include boosted social media ads on Facebook and Instagram, short video ads on YouTube, radio spots and online ads as well as on-site advertising at the local Jump Start stores to bring the campaign to the pump. At a later date, we will launch a second focus that is just targeted to flex fuel owners called the Yellow Cap Challenge. We’ll challenge them to try E20, E30 and E85 and find the fuel that is best for them and help them understand the value of flex fuel choices. Look for more information and visuals in next week’s grower e-news. Our goal is to offer this to the other stations around the state who are offering their customers E15 or higher blends. This campaign helps put into action your checkoff dollars that helped build availability of higher ethanol blends by working with station owners. If you have any questions, please reach out to Stacy Mayo-Martinez, smartinez@ksgrains.com or 785-477-0631.