Kansas Corn Staff Attends US Grains Council State Staff Meeting

Four Kansas Corn staff members recently attended the biannual state staff meeting of the US Grains Council held in Victoria, British Colombia. The three-day meeting brought together USGC from around the world, and staff from supporting corn, grain sorghum and barley organizations. The conference featured learning, discussing and getting new information on resources available to promote exports of corn in all forms. Export market development, trade policy, promotion and regulations were discussed. Here are key takeaways from the Kansas Corn staff who attended.

“Maintaining trade relationships with existing customers and expanding new trade opportunities are an increasingly critical market component for Kansas corn farmers. The USGC state staff meeting provides a great opportunity for Kansas Corn staff and USGC staff to work together on planning and implementing new market development targets and strategies. This time together helps us foster our one-team approach to building demand for corn-in-all-forms.”  Greg Krissek, CEO

“USGC staff are located in 15 countries across the globe and they literally wake up every morning with the goal of increasing US exports of corn, ethanol, DDGS and other products into the regions they represent. They are the first people that our foreign buyers go to when looking for additional products and if any hiccups in the complex export system occur. We are extremely fortunate to have champions of the industry working on our behalf around the globe!” Josh Roe, Vice President of Market Development and Marketing

“Kansas corn farmers have n extended team of staff working around the world on their behalf. They are building relationships in key current and future markets, working with foreign governments to decrease hurdles and open up new markets and working to help increase trade and the value for your corn, distillers grains and ethanol. They know how hard you work at home, and they work just as hard for you in their countries.”  Stacy Mayo-Martinez, Director of Industry Relations

“Trade is about relationships But trade is also requires a vast technical knowledge. While building relationships is key to selling our corn and corn products overseas, the Grains Council staff who represent us around the world also navigate the regulatory, policy and cultural barriers that exist. Communicators from several states as well as USGC and NCGA attended and focused on strategies to tell the story of our efforts, goals and needs for foreign market development.”  Sue Schulte, Director of Communications