Consumers, Environment and Farmers to Benefit from Year-Round E15 Fuel

May 31, 2019–Kansas Corn Growers Association (KCGA) leaders reacted positively to EPA’s announcement today finalizing the rule granting the Reid Vapor Pressure (RVP) waiver to E15, a fuel blend that contains 15 percent ethanol. President Trump had promised the announcement before June 1. The final rule eliminates the outdated barrier that required retailers in many areas of the country to stop selling E15 during the summer months.

“This rule comes at a good time for farmers and motorists. E15 is approved for use in vehicles 2001 and newer and that is nearly every passenger vehicle on the road today,” KCGA CEO Greg Krissek said. “Ethanol certainly benefits our corn farmers. But the real winners are drivers who will have more access to a lower priced, higher octane, cleaner fuel. The retailers who already offer E15 have already developed a big following of drivers who are enjoying the benefits of this fuel.”

In 2012, EPA approved the use of E15 fuel in passenger vehicles (cars and light trucks 2001 and newer). But with the outdated RVP rule, sales of this lower cost, higher octane, cleaner burning fuel have been limited during the peak driving season. For years, KCGA has advocated for a waiver of the outdated RVP rule to allow year-round sales of E15. In April, Kansans and ethanol supporters across the nation submitted comments to the EPA docket supporting the year-round E15 rule.

“It is a good sign to see EPA use common sense and sound science in this decision that benefits the environment and consumers,” Krissek said. “This decision comes at a good time as Kansas celebrates Kansas Biofuels Week to raise awareness and appreciation of the contributions biofuels like ethanol make to our state’s economy and environment.”

Kansas Governor Laura Kelly declared the May 26-June 2 as Kansas Biofuels Week. The Kansas Corn Commission continues to lead efforts to increase the availability of E15, expanding fuel choices for Kansas drivers. Kansas now has 27 fuel retailer locations across Kansas that offer E15 as choice for their customers. While this rule allows the sale of E15, it does not require it. It simply allows fuel retailers to add E15 as an option for their customers. E15 is for cars, light-duty trucks, and SUVs model year 2001 and newer. Other engines like motorcycles, boats or other small engines like lawn mowers can use regular unleaded which is normally E10 fuel.

Higher blends of renewable fuels such as E15 lower fuel prices for drivers and result in lower emissions, improving air quality and providing greater greenhouse gas reductions. Blending additional ethanol replaces some the most harmful components in gasoline, and cleaner ethanol results in 43 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than gasoline.

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