Corn-Fed Beef Social Gives Farmers a Chance to Say Thanks

Kansas Corn hosted our third annual Corn-Fed Beef Social in Garden City on Tuesday, June 4, 2019 following the Beef Empire Days Live Show. The social was created as a way for farmers, beef producers and industry professionals to come together and celebrate the strong bonds created between corn and beef in Kansas.

“This spring has been such an emotional roller coaster for both farmers and the beef industry because of all the moisture, so we were glad to be able to bring folks together for a bit of a break,” says Stacy Mayo-Martinez, Kansas Corn director of industry relations. “We believe it’s important to connect with the largest in-state corn buyer in our livestock friends throughout the year. Building relationships and taking time to connect can go along ways to remember we are all working to have profitable businesses.”

The beef industry is an important customer of Kansas corn farmers. In the 2017-18 marketing year, beef cattle in the state consumed 159 million bushels of corn; more than all the other livestock species combined. That’s why Kansas Corn is dedicated to supporting the beef industry whether its saying thanks through a social, assisting with in-state educational efforts or supporting programs to increase red meat exports.

In 2018, red meat exports contributed 11 percent to the per bushel value of corn and are responsible for $268 million in corn revenue for Kansas corn farmers. The projected value of red meat exports to Kansas corn from 2018-2027 is equal to $893 million. During a difficult time for farmers, the beef industry continues to add value to Kansas-grown corn and for that we are extremely grateful.