Kansas Corn Grower McNinch Elected to National Corn Board

NCGA Corn Board Election Winners; Left to right; Mike Lefever of Colorado; Chris Edgington of Iowa; Dennis McNinch of Kansas; Tom Haag of Minnesota.

July 17, 2019–Ness County corn farmer, Dennis McNinch was elected today to serve on the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) Board of Directors. Delegates to NCGA’s Corn Congress elected four corn board members at the delegate session held in Washington DC.

“Dennis has a wealth of experience to contribute to the NCGA corn board,” says Kansas Corn CEO, Greg Krissek. “His depth of knowledge in farming, finance and ethanol in particular will be a valuable asset.”

McNinch serves as chairman of the Kansas Corn Commission and represents the west central district on the commission board. McNinch told delegates that he would focus on building existing and new markets for corn and products made with corn. He said he would strive to improve trade opportunities, work to overcome barriers to growth of the ethanol industry, and build dialogues with decision makers and consumers.

“We must continue to strengthen and build existing and new markets for corn and corn products,” McNinch said in his comments to the delegates. “Our markets are being impaired by trade disputes, and we must push back and be heard. I have a strong background in ethanol, and I believe that one of our pathways to success is with ethanol. I am a firm believer that high octane fuels can play a vital role.”

McNinch is a fourth-generation family farmer and a retired ag banker. He serves on NCGA’s Risk Management Action team and the US Grains Council’s Trade Policy A-Team. He was active in the creation of the Kansas Corn STEM education program and ethanol infrastructure expansion programs in the state.

McNinch was elected to a three-year term along with Mike Lefever of Colorado, Chris Edgington of Iowa, and Tom Haag of Minnesota. Kansas Corn has a long history of national leadership. The most recent Kansas corn leaders to have served on the NCGA Corn Board include Ken McCauley, White Cloud, Roger Pine, Lawrence and John Tibbits, Minneapolis. McCauley and Pine are past-presidents of NCGA.