MFP Rates and What They Mean for Kansas

On Thursday, USDA announced the Market Facilitation 2.0 rates for this year. Details on timing and county specific rates can be found here. Official signup begins July 28 with the first round of three payments going out mid to late August. In Kansas, all county rates are above the national minimum of $15. The lowest payment rate is Harper at $22 and the highest being Ford at $73. See the county rates here.

 At first glance there are some fluctuations between adjacent counties but nothing like the range we have seen in ARC payment rates.  KCGA has worked closely with NCGA on this issue. Today, NCGA President Lynn Chrisp said:

“It’s no secret that farmers are facing difficult decisions amid wet spring weather, trade disputes and tariffs, and demand destruction in the ethanol market. While NCGA’s focus remains markets, we welcome USDA’s quick rollout of MFP 2.0 and the Department’s creative efforts to reorient MFP to better reflect market impacts and support American farmers. We look forward to learning more about how MFP will work for corn farmers.”

Following President Trump’s announcement that the Administration would be pursuing a second round of trade aid, NCGA put forward recommendations that would provide both short-term assistance and support market access for farmers. NCGA continues to encourage the Administration to take additional actions to open markets and provide more certainty to corn farmers, including stopping RFS waivers to big oil refiners and restoring waived ethanol gallons and resolving trade disputes and tariffs.