Kansas Corn Corps Class 4 Members Announced, Hold First Session

Kansas Corn kicked off the first session of Kansas Corn Corps Class 4 recently at Rock Springs Ranch near Junction City. Ten young farmers have been chosen for Class 4 of the professional development program.

Kansas Corn created the program in 2016 as a way for young farmers to network, learn more about the corn industry, build networks with other farmers and industry professionals and develop new business skills that can benefit their own operations. In total, 32 young farmers have completed the Kansas Corn Corps program and continue to be active with Kansas Corn.

“Kansas Corn invests in our young farmers’ personal and business development through this program,” said Stacy Mayo-Martinez, Kansas Corn industry relations director. “The Corn Corps participants will walk away from all three sessions with skills they can put back into their operations and are introduced to opportunities to get engaged in various ways to move the corn industry forward.”

The focus of the three-day session was welcoming the new participants, building an understanding of their strengths, understanding their roles as young farmers and learning more about the state, national and international corn industries. The program consists of four sessions that take place over a 16-month period.

Corn Corps member Madison Mackley, Oakley said she gained a lot of knowledge in the first Kansas Corn Corps session.

“It was an insightful weekend info more of what Kansas Corn can do for me as a consumer, a grower and as an association member,” she said. “I learned a lot about myself and how to navigate difficult situations that can occur in a family operation.”

This program is funded by the Kansas Corn Growers Association and the Kansas Corn Commission. It is offered at no cost to KCGA members under the age of 45 who play active roles on their farming operations. Learn more at kscorn.com/corncorps.

The Kansas Corn Corps Class 4 participants are listed below with their names, farming operations and hometowns.
Amy and Mathew Elliott, Hiawatha
Cate Galligan, Ingalls
Jenny Goering, Galva
Brett Grauerholz, Republic
Madison Mackley, Oakley
Evan Porter, Fredonia
Zach Vincent, Long Island
Alex and Karlee Vosburgh, Macksville