Tell EPA “Get the Science Right” in the Atrazine Rule

Growers: Submit a comment today supporting atrazine and sound science in the atrazine review.

On Jan. 2, 2020, EPA published their Preliminary Interim Decision (PID) on atrazine in the Federal Register. The PID corrects an ultra-low 2016 ecological risk assessment based on poor-quality studies and would have virtually banned the use of atrazine on corn acres. Kansas Corn Growers Association and other corn groups along with the Triazine Network worked with EPA to correct the atrazine level of concern. That’s good news for growers. However, the devil is in the details.

In 2019, EPA pledged to use credible scientific evidence in the atrazine registration review. While EPA acknowledges there are problems with several low-quality fish, bird, and amphibian studies, these flawed studies are still being included in the document. Meanwhile, credible studies continue to be excluded. These defective studies can have drastic consequences in future reviews, especially the upcoming Endangered Species Act biological evaluation that begins this year. Replacing atrazine with any comparable alternative would not be as effective and increase your cost of production at a combined expense of at least $30 per acre. EPA must get the science right.