Kansas Corn April 4 News Briefs

Kansas Farmer Appointed to Precision Ag Connectivity Task Force
Congratulations to Lyons farmer Matt Splitter, for his appointment to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Precision Ag Connectivity Task Force. Matt, who also serves on the KCGA board, has been active in efforts to improve rural connectivity. According to the FCC Website: “The Task Force for Reviewing the Connectivity and Technology Needs of Precision Agriculture in the United States (Precision Ag Connectivity Task Force or Task Force) will provide advice and recommendations for the FCC on how to assess and advance deployment of broadband Internet access service on unserved agriculture land to promote precision agriculture. Congress directed the FCC, in consultation with the Secretary of the Department of Agriculture, to establish the Precision Ag Connectivity Task Force in the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018 (2018 Farm Bill).”


Kansas Corn’s First Virtual Farm Expo
Everything is a bit different right now and that includes the annual Great Bend Farm, Ranch and Hemp Expo which went virtual. Browse our booth and other vendors online here and within the show’s Facebook group.



2020 Corn Challenge Continues!
While we can’t mail the prizes at this time, you can continue earning prizes including our new 2020 Kansas Corn Deep Roots t-shirt. One easy way to share updates and let the general public and Kansas corn know what is going on with the season’s progress is by using #kscorn on your public posts for Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Find out more about this year’s Corn Challenge here.



Virtual Learning from Port of NOLA
Our friends at U.S. Grains Council shared an online opportunity for kids to learn about the Port of New Orleans, Louisiana through a virtual reality video, careers sheet and printable coloring book available here.


Calling All Student Members!
Please make sure to keep us up to date on your latest mailing address so you don’t miss any updates from Kansas Corn. Send your updated mailing address to collegiate@ksgrains.com.

Make Sure Kansas Counts- Complete the 2020 Census
While staying closer to home, it’s a great time to hop online and complete the 2020 census for your household. Federal agencies use the results to distribute more than $6 billion in federal funds to Kansas each year.This includes funds for road improvements, health care, education and many other activities. This is one way that Kansans see their federal tax dollars return to the state for valuable community services and improvements. You should have received a Census document or reminder postcard in the mail over the last several weeks. If you’ve not yet completed it, trust us, it only takes a few minutes. Like many other things, the 2020 census has been disrupted by Covid-19. People are not able to go door-to-door to gather Census data so it is even more important to take the initiative to respond.  And of course, if you don’t respond this year, you won’t get the chance again for 10 years. You can visit https://kansascounts.org/ to see how fellow Kansans are working to increase engagement, awareness and participation in the 2020 census. There are also great resources for encouraging your neighbors to make sure they count too.