CFAP Signup Begins May 26

CFAP Information for Corn Growers

FSA offices will begin taking signups for the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP) will on Tuesday, May 26. The program is intended to provide direct relief to producers who faced price declines and additional marketing costs due to COVID-19.
What corn growers need to know. Sources: NCGA and USDA
  •  $16 billion in direct payments to farmers and ranchers ($9.5B from CARES Act; $6.5B from CCC)
  • Approximately $2.3 billion for corn out of $3.7 billion total for all non-specialty crops
  • Sign up (by appointment) starts next Tuesday, May 26th and runs through August (so you do have time). Payments should start in June
  • A payment will be made based on 50 percent of a producer’s 2019 total production or the 2019 inventory not sold as of January 15, 2020, whichever is smaller, multiplied by 50% and then multiplied by the commodity’s applicable payment rates.
  • Unpriced corn silage and corn hay bales in inventory on Jan. 15th also qualify. FSA will convert the silage and bales to a bushel basis.
  • Losses based on futures price average from January 13-17 compared to April 6-9. USDA calculated damage to corn as a loss of $0.63/bushel.
  • Between two separate formulas (CARES Act and CCC) CFAP provides an effective combined payment rate of $0.335/bushel on eligible corn bushels.
  • According to USDA, the payment calculator and application form for CFAP will be available on May 26, 2020 at