Showing support to political leaders that support the future of agriculture

Why I Contribute to NCGA’s CornPAC

By Josh Roe, Vice-President of Market Development and Public Policy

CornPAC is a voluntary, bi-partisan Political Action Committee whereby corn growers from across the country can pool our collective resources in support of candidates for federal office who have demonstrated a record of advancing our policy priorities. CornPAC allows for us to build and maintain relationships between legislators and industry. KCGA does NOT direct any funds to CornPAC, contributions made by growers and staff are done so from personal funds.

We all have mixed feelings at times about the political process. However, I make a point of personally supporting CornPAC and other similar agricultural PACs because I have experienced firsthand how these relatively small contributions allow me to play an active role in the political process. Another benefit to joining is CornPAC hosts quarterly phone calls with top agricultural leaders across the country, where members get the chance to directly interact with members of Congress.

The largest fundraiser of the year for CornPAC is an auction at the National Commodity Classic. However, contributions are accepted year-round. Another small way you can support the CornPAC is by purchasing calendars at the following link, featuring amazing pictures, for only $30.  You can get signed up and buy a calendar here. Because it is a PAC, you have to sign up before purchasing a calendar since your purchase is a PAC donation. Learn more about the calendar here

For more information on the PAC and giving opportunities, follow this link to the CornPAC brochure.