Station Owner Phil Near Speaks about Grant

Jump Start Receives USDA Grant for Newest Station

Jump Start convenience store president Phil Near recently spoke with WIBW farm broadcaster about receiving a USDA HBIIP grant, working with the Kansas Corn Commission and expanding fuel choice for their customers with E15 and higher ethanol blends in the Wichita area.  Jump Start has 14 stations in the Wichita area that offer higher ethanol blends. The newest station that received USDA funding features state-of-the-art pumps.

“This location has technology that’s more like having a large iPad instead of the conventional dispenser with buttons that you push. It’s all touchscreen, it has interactive ads and script we can teach our customers about the product, ethanol blending and how we can save them money and provide them a higher octane product,” Near said.

The Kansas Corn Commission has been working with Jump Start on their ethanol blender pump station locations both with funding and assistance in educating the consumer.

“It’s an education for the customers to understand that we can save them money, we can sell them a better product with higher octane and a better performing product for a lower cost. We’re excited to be able to bring this to the Wichita area, educate people on fuel choice and help the economy of Wichita,” Near said.

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