2020 Kansas Corn Yield Contest Winners Announced

The Kansas farmers who entered the Kansas Corn Yield Contest overcame adversity and used their management skills to produce high yields in 2020. Kansas farmers from across the state entered many excellent yields in the 2020 Kansas Corn Yield Contest. For the second consecutive year, Tyler Hands with Triangle H Farms based in Finney County, entered the top irrigated yield in the contest at 307 bushels per acre with Pioneer P1828AM on one of the farm’s fields located in Haskell County. Northeast Kansas farmer Victor Menold, Brown County, entered the top dryland yield at 301.59 bushels per acre with Becks 6414V2P.

“In the third year of this contest we continue to see very impressive yields across the state due to exceptional input technology and management in production by our producers,” said Josh Roe, Kansas Corn Vice President of Market Development and Policy. “We have enjoyed the partnership with K-State Research and Extension on this contest and appreciate the world class knowledge Dr. Ignacio Ciampitti brings to the table.”

The contest is free to all Kansas Corn Growers Association (KCGA) members. For the last three years, KCGA has awarded a dryland and irrigated winner in each of the ten districts across the state. Along with awards to dryland and irrigated winners in each district, statewide dryland and statewide irrigated winners also awarded. District winners receive $300 and a plaque. Second place entries receive a $200 prize and third place receive a $100 prize. The highest yield dryland and irrigated entries statewide will receive an additional $500 prize. The winners of the 2020 Kansas Corn Yield Contest will be recognized during the 2021 Kansas Corn Symposium on Jan. 28.

The Kansas Corn Yield contest was created to recognize high-yielding corn farmers across the state and increase efficiency for greater sustainability and profitability. Sharing the data collected among Kansas farmers benchmarks the corn yields and provides information for improving management practices.

Below is the list of the 2020 yield contest winners along with the county where the winning field is located.


Irrigated: Tyler Hands, Haskell County; Yield: 307 bu./acre; Hybrid: Pioneer P1828AM
Dryland: Victor Menold, Brown County; Yield: 301.59 bu./acre; Hybrid: Becks 6414V2P


Dryland Category
1st Place: Harold Koster, Sheridan County; Yield: 178.78 bu./acre; Pioneer P0339AM

Irrigated Category
1st Place: Harold Koster, Sheridan County; Yield: 275.68 bu./acre; Pioneer P1366AML


Dryland Category
1st Place: Garrett Baker, Logan County; Yield: 214.07 bu./acre; Golden Harvest G13E90-3111
2nd Place: Tanner McNinch, Ness County; Yield: 194.52 bu./acre; Pioneer PO805AM
3rd Place: Marc Ramsey, Lane County; Yield: 152.05 bu./acre; Dekalb 55-54


Irrigated Category
1st Place: Tyler Hands, Haskell County; Yield: 307 bu./acre; Hybrid: Pioneer P1828AM
2nd Place: Jayce Stabel, Kearny County; Yield: 271.89 bu./acre; Hybrid: Pioneer P1572AM
3rd Place: Tyler Hands, Finney County; Yield: 269.16 bu./acre; Hybrid: Pioneer P1828Q


Dryland Category
1st Place: Ronald Ohlde, Clay County; Yield: 268.60 bu./acre; Hybrid: Ohlde Seeds 20-13
2nd Place: Rod Stewart, Washington County; Yield: 235.23 bu./acre; Hybrid: Pioneer P1089AM
3rd Place: Ryan Stewart, Washington County; Yield: 234.54 bu./acre; Hybrid: Pioneer P1089AM


Dryland Category
1st Place: Steve Lang, Dickinson County; Yield: 186 bu./acre; Hybrid: Pioneer P1464AML
2nd Place: Neal Barten, Dickinson County; Yield: 186 bu./acre; Hybrid: Pioneer P1464AML
3rd Place: Justin Knopf, Saline County; Yield: 182.75 bu./acre; Hybrid: Pioneer P1244AM

Irrigated Category
1st Place: John Bergkamp, McPherson County; Yield: 280.37 bu./acre; Hybrid: AgriGold 6544


Dryland Category
1st Place: Bruce Seiler, Harvey County; Yield: 206.78 bu./acre; Hybrid: Dekalb 6569
2nd Place: Aaron Pauly, Sedgwick County; Yield: 194.58 bu./acre; Hybrid: Pioneer 2089AM

Irrigated Category
1st Place: Tony Spexarth, Sedgwick County; Yield: 279.29 bu./acre; Hybrid: AgriGold A6544VT2
2nd Place: Jared Oatney, Reno County; Yield: 263.47 bu./acre; Hybrid: Pioneer P2089


Dryland Category
1st Place: Victor Menold, Brown County; Yield: 301.59 bu./acre; Hybrid: Becks 6414V2P
2nd Place: Mike Eiberger, Jackson County; Yield: 271.85 bu./acre; Hybrid: Pioneer P1828AM
3rd Place: Gary Kramer, Nemaha County; Yield: 262.78 bu./acre; Hybrid: Pioneer P1563AM

Irrigated Category
1st Place: Craig Gigstad, Jefferson County; Yield: 279.15 bu./acre; Hybrid: Dekalb 70-27
2nd Place: Dayton Menold, Brown County; Yield: 273.14 bu./acre; Hybrid: Pioneer P1572AM
3rd Place: Alex Noll, Jefferson County; Yield: 268.80 bu./acre; Hybrid: Dekalb 70-26


Dryland Category
1st Place: Ryan Stainbrook, Linn County; Yield: 255.36 bu./acre; Hybrid: Lewis Hybrids 16DP887
2nd Place: Michael Sudbeck, Douglas County; Yield: 243.81 bu./acre; Hybrid: AgriGold A6572VT2RIB
3rd Place: JD Hanna, Shawnee County; Yield: 239.79 bu./acre; Hybrid: Brevant B14Z97AML


Dryland Category
1st Place: Kevin Karmann, Woodson County; Yield: 140.91 bu./acre; Hybrid: Brevant B12G75PW

Irrigated Category
1st Place: Michael Kleinbeck, Wilson County; Yield: 235.26 bu./acre; Hybrid: Integra 6995
2nd Place: Mike Timmons, Wilson County; Yield: 227.03 bu./acre; Hybrid: Beck’s Hybrid 6774V2P


Dryland Category
1st Place: Jason Taylor, Doniphan County; Yield: 293.32 bu./acre; Hybrid: Taylor 8824VT2PRO
2nd Place: Brad Taylor, Doniphan County; Yield: 290.66 bu./acre; Hybrid: Taylor 8013VT2PRO
3rd Place: Brad Taylor, Doniphan County; Yield: 285.97 bu./acre; Hybrid: Taylor 8013VT2PRO

Irrigated Category
1st Place: Traci Noll, Doniphan County; Yield: 278.68 bu./acre; Hybrid: Dekalb 70-26

Follow this link to a list of Kansas state-level winners in the National Corn Yield Contest.