Cost-share Funds Available for Fuel Retailers to Add E15

The Kansas Corn Commission has approved a new program in response to several positive movements have taken place in 2021 in Kansas with respect to E15 policy and infrastructure including the pending approval of E15 in the summer driving season in the KC metro area; additional E15 availability at terminals across the state, and corporate policy changes removing barriers from franchisees to add E15.

With these changes in mind, along with the fact that many stations can now opt to offer E15 in their current fuel pumps with little or no additional investment, the Kansas Corn Commission approved an E15 grant program in conjunction with our popular cost-share program for blender pumps.

Here are the specifics of the E15 program:

  • KCC will provide up to $2,500 per pump for stations adding only E15.
  • Up to $10,000 will also be available to stations for signage and marketing costs.
  • Maximum of $50,000 per location available.

KCC will continue to offer our Blender Pump Program for those wishing to offer E15 and higher blends such as the popular E30 and E85 blends. Limits for that program are $25,000 per blender pump installed for a maximum of $75,000 per location.

If your fueling station does not offer E15 and higher blends, we encourage you to tell them about this program and how offering higher blends of ethanol can increase their fuel sales and support Kansas farmers. Feel free to have them contact Emily Koop on our team at or call our office at 785-410-5009.