USDA/NASS Releases Crop Value Report and County Estimates

Thomas County Leads Kansas Corn Production

The 2020 Kansas Corn Crop was valued at $3.296 billion, according to today’s USDA/NASS Crop Values Report. Thomas County was the top corn producing county in Kansas in 2020, according to USDA/NASS County Estimates that were also released today.

According to the County Estimates, Thomas County in the northwest district produced 32.4 million bushels of corn on 283,000 acres with a yield of 114.5 bushels per acre. Brown County in the northeast district was the second largest corn producer, harvesting 23.3 million bushels of corn from 121,200 acres with a yield of 191.9 bushels per acre. The total Kansas corn production for 2020 was 766 million bushels. 24 Kansas counties had over 10 million bushels of corn production. Doniphan, Ford and Meade counties each had average yields of over 200 bushels per acre.

The top ten corn-producing Kansas counties are:

Thomas (NW) 32.4 million bushels; 115 bu/acre

Brown (NE) 23.3 million bushels; 192 bu/acre

Stevens (SW) 22.3 million bushels; 170 bu/acre

Sherman (NW) 22 million bushels; 105 bu/acre

Finney (SW) 21.4 million bushels; 156 bu/acre

Republic (NC) 21 million bushels; 167 bu/acre

Nemaha (NE) 20.6 million bushels; 176 bu/acre

Doniphan (NE) 18.3 million bushels; 203 bu/acre

Haskell (SW) 18.2 million bushels; 186 bu/acre

Washington (NC) 17.3 million bushels; 157 bu/acre