Kansas Corn STEM Launches Summer Scientist Program

Kansas Corn STEM Launches the Summer Scientist Program and Partners with Kansas Department of Education

Kansas Corn STEM has launched a new summer program, aiming to provide activities and lessons to Kansas summer school programs. The program is based on the Kansas Corn STEM book, “We Grow Corn! Raising Corn on a Kansas Family Farm”. The “Summer Scientist” program, provides teachers with the “Does Corn Need Light” lab, five copies of the “We Grow Corn” book, and an Activity Guide along with pots, a bag of soil, a bag of corn seed and measuring spoons.

On May 18, the Kansas Corn staff packed and shipped 685 boxes for the Kansas Department of Education’s Summer Program as well as the additional requests made through the Kansas Corn STEM website. KSDE received 300 kits and 385 additional kits were assembled and sent out to teachers at 388 locations across the state. A total of 14,500 students will use the lab to learn about corn this summer.

In the lab, students will explore the role light plays in growing a healthy corn plant. The kit comes with an instruction guide that will help teacher lead their class through the activity. This lab, lasts 14-28 days as the students get to watch the corn sprout and make observations as their plants grow.

The kit also includes five copies of the “We Grow Corn” book, created by Kansas Corn, to take readers through the year-long process of growing corn while highlighting the important role agriculture plays in our lives. The activity guide included in the kit goes along with the book and provides opportunities to expand learning with hands-on activities, farm video links and access to online challenges.

If teachers were not able to request a kit, but still want to use the lab this summer, the lab can be found at wegrowcorn.com and the experiment can be conducted with materials that are easy to find – pots, a bag of soil, a bag of corn seed and measuring spoons.

“The Kansas Corn education team works hard to continue to create new programs to help educators teach about agriculture. We are excited to provide educators with resources for their summer programs and to partner with the Kansas Department of Education,” Director of Education, Sharon Thielen, Ph.D. said.

Learn more and find the free online lessons here: bit.ly/3xQoBwb