J.D. Hanna . . .

Why I Contribute to CornPAC

In this letter to KCGA members, J.D. Hanna, Silver Lake talks about why he contributes to NCGA’s CornPAC and why KCGA members should consider contributing as well.

Dear KCGA Members,

I’m J.D. Hanna, a Silver Lake farmer and Vice President of the Kansas Corn Growers Association. Politics plays a big role in agriculture, now more than ever. That’s why I contribute to CornPAC, the Political Action Committee of the National Corn Growers Association.  We need people in Washington, DC who know our issues and have our interests in mind. The decisions legislators make have a direct impact on my way of life and on my bottom line. Because of this, I view my contribution to CornPAC as a part of doing business for my family farm.

The legislative system is very competitive, and corn growers need a voice at the table. But like you, I am busy running my family farm. I rely on KCGA and NCGA staff to represent me in these issues, and that’s why I joined the Corn Growers. By taking it a step further and contributing to CornPAC, I am helping to directly educate members of Congress on our issues. That’s a good investment, when you consider only six percent of those serving in Congress have any agricultural background.

100% of contributions go directly to support candidates who support the issues important to corn growers. NCGA scores lawmakers on their history of supporting our policy priorities, and contributions are based on those scores. Every contribution is approved by a committee of farmers with the input of the NCGA staff. Some of those contributions come back to Kansas to support ag-friendly candidates in key races.

I hope you’ll make a strong business decision to support CornPAC and join the hundreds of corn farmers who contribute to our mission of promoting the policy goals of corn farmers. I may not be able to make a big impact on my own, but I know we are stronger by pooling our resources so we can have a bigger impact.

You’ll soon receive a letter and a brochure with more information about CornPAC, and I hope you take the time to learn why CornPAC is important to your business and the corn industry. But I’d like you to consider taking action today and become at CornPAC contributor at CornPAC.ncga.com. This is a smart decision in a profitable year for most growers, and it’s a great way to invest in protecting our industry.


J.D. Hanna
KCGA Vice President
Silver Lake, KS