Kansas Corn Thanks Gov. Kelly’s Efforts Toward a Permanent E15 Solution for the Midwest

4-29-2022: Kansas Corn Growers Association (KCGA) leaders and members thanked Governor Laura Kelly for her action along with other Midwest governors to request a permanent waiver for year-round sales of E15, also known as Unleaded 88. This important request, asking EPA to provide long-term certainty and flexibility for retailers to offer cleaner-burning blends of ethanol from E15 and higher.

Governor Kelly joined the governors from Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, Minnesota, South Dakota and Wisconsin in a letter to EPA requesting the ability of E15 to be sold year-round to decrease volatility and lower emissions for better air quality. These eight states represent over 10 percent of all fuel sales, over half of the nation’s E15 fueling stations, over 70 percent of the nation’s ethanol plants and nearly 70 percent of the corn grown in the United States.

In social media, Governor Kelly stated, “Gas prices are at record highs, and Kansans need permanent relief. I joined a bipartisan group of Governors urging the EPA to allow the year-round sale of E-15 fuel. This would offer a cheaper fuel alternative for Kansans and others across the nation.”

Ethanol is a top market for Kansas corn farmers and removing barriers to sell E15/Unleaded 88 year-round, drivers will have access to a higher octane, lower carbon fuel that is also more affordable. Ethanol plants in Kansas and throughout the Midwest produce ethanol from the starch of the corn kernel, and a high-protein, high-nutrient livestock feed called DDGS from the remainder of the corn. This announcement compliments the relief that President Biden announced earlier this month for a summer 2022 E15 fix and extends that certainty for retailers and access to E15 for drivers. E15 fuel is approved for use in all gas-powered passenger vehicles 2001 and newer, nearly every car on the road today.

KCGA represents its members on legislative and regulatory issues and works to provide market access for corn and products made with corn.