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6-12 Training

Kansas Corn works to build the future of corn by providing training for 6-12 teachers. We invite you to find out more below.

Seed to STEM Program

The Kansas Corn Commission (KCC) invests in the future by providing summer workshops and lab supplies for science teachers so teachers can bring lessons based on biotechnology and ethanol to the classroom.

80 Science Teachers to Attend Seed to STEM to learn the science behind corn this summer!

Teachers Encouraged to Sign Up for Waiting List

Kansas Corn is excited to announce that 80 Kansas high school and middle school science teachers have been selected to attend our Seed to STEM workshops. New this summer, teachers have the option to choose between a middle school and high school track as part of the Seed to STEM summer workshop. Teachers who have not signed up but are interested in attending a workshop should fill out the form below to be placed on a waiting list.

2018 Workshop Dates
Ottawa Seed to STEM Workshop: June 20-21
Wichita Seed to STEM Workshop: June 26-27

Each teacher will practice fourteen labs and/or activities that they can use in the classroom to help  students learn the role agriculture plays in science.

The workshop includes a farm and field visit, an industry dinner and a field trip to an ethanol plant. In addition every teacher will receive $500 worth of free lab resources, plus all on-site expenses paid. Graduate credit will also be available at a cost to the participant.

New updated Seed to STEM labs will be available for the first time in June. Depending on which track a teacher chooses, they can look forward to practicing labs focused on: corn exploration, corn fermentation, ethanol distillation, pipetting skills, plasmid modeling, GFP, soil, nutrient testing, DNA extraction, GMOs, DNA sentencing, weather, etc.

Sign Up Below to Be Placed on a Waiting List for this Summer’s Seed to STEM Workshops!

Seed to STEM Workshop Application

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