Kansas Corn's Seed to STEM Program

6-12 Grade Units

Seed to STEM is Kansas Corn’s innovative STEM-based program for middle and high school science educators. The Kansas Corn Commission invests in the future by providing resources such as units, professional development and lab supplies for science teachers.

Our goal is to help teachers bring units focused on science to the classroom. Seed to STEM focuses on high school and middle school units that use corn as the example to teach different lessons. These units meet a variety of Next Generation Science Stands. Seed to STEM brings a greater awareness of the connection between STEM and agriculture. As the need for producing more food with less resources continues it is important that future generations have a better understanding of the agriculture industry and its career opportunities.

Middle School Units

The middle school units, cover topics such as ethanol, precision agriculture and genetically modified crops all while meeting Next Generation Science Standards.


Explore Corn

The explore corn unit contains four lessons that focus on how corn grows.


The soil unit has two lessons that focus on soils and how it plays a vital part in growing corn.


The water unit has two lessons that focus on water quantity and quality.

High School Units

The high school units cover a variety of topics that become hands-on activities students can engage in.  These units meet Next Generation Science Standards.

Explore Corn

The Explore Corn unit has three lessons that focus on the resources and conditions needed for a plant to grow.

Ethanol Fuel

The Fuel unit contains four lessons that focus on ethanol and how it is used as an energy source.

Soil and Water

The soils unit contains one lesson that focuses on the importance of soil in corn production.

The water unit contains two lessons that focus on the importance of water quantity and quality.

Make Learning Fun

Investing in teachers is a priority for the Kansas Corn Commission. We are committed to providing materials and training to help teachers excel in the classroom.  Teachers who use the Seed to STEM labs in the classroom can request supplies.  Corn seed, corn mash and funding for ethanol plant tours are among the resources you can request.  Teachers who seek to expand their knowledge and skill of teaching are encouraged to seek out a training opportunity.

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