Discover Careers in Agriculture!

In the next five years . . .

We will have more people retiring from the ag sector than incoming employees to fill their positions. What can we do about that?

Career Connections can help students with the following:

  • Introducing positions that are not traditional “ag” jobs
  • Locate and secure internships
  • Identify events and conferences that connect to a student’s chosen pathway
  • Provide opportunities to visit with industry professionals; to ask questions and learn more about educational commitments and work/life balance
  • Encourage students to split up when they go to conferences and meetings; to meet new people and not only make connections, but follow-up on those connections.

Are you an advisor or faculty member looking to get your students more involved in the ag industry?

Kansas Corn’s Career Connections team can provide an on-campus or virtual visit to give students an opportunity to learn about the corn industry and the multifaceted career paths it provides. Our program can also bring local industry professionals to your campus. Whether you’re looking to open minds in a classroom or at a club meeting, scheduling a Career Connections event can benefit you. The process is simple, fill out the request form below and let us help you plan the rest.