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Kansas Corn STEM lessons are written by Kansas teachers and meet Kansas College and Career Ready Standards. Any teacher can use these lessons in the classroom and adapt them as needed. Check out our professional development opportunities to learn how to receive free training and supplies for these lessons.

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High School                                                     Middle School
DNA, What’s it Look Like?                              DNA, How is it Packaged?

Decoding DNA                                                 Decoding DNA
Corn Genetics and Statistical Analysis       Corn Genetics and Statistical Analysis 
Hitting the Bullseye                                        The Art of Lab Work 
Yield by Design                                               Genetically Modified Information
Chopped                                                          G.M. Whoa
Genetically Modified Information
G.M. Whoa
Feeding the World
Protein Production Jackpot
GMO or GM-No?
Plant Tissue Culture