What is a Breakout Box?

Breakout Box is a tool educators use to teach different concepts to students. The Breakout Box is similar to an escape room and brings that same engagement and excitement to your classroom. The Breakout Box makes players use critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication skills.

Professional Development Workshop

You can request a Breakout Box workshop for your school. During this free workshop teachers will learn how to use the Breakout Box in their classroom.

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Why Breakout Boxes?

Kansas Corn STEM created these lessons to help students gain a better understanding of various concepts through a fun interactive game. The Breakout Box lessons below are for various grade levels from K-12.

Learn more about each lesson below.

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Do you know your Moo?

Grade Level Middle/ High School

Kansas is one of the largest beef and corn producing states in the U.S.! Kansas Corn and the Kansas Beef Council teamed up to create this breakout box experience. Have your students engage in an activity that meets Next Generation Science Standards while learning more about one of the biggest industries around them–agriculture.

Kernel Kode

The Kernel Kode breakout box lesson is designed to provide students basic knowledge of corn and the many benefits it provides to us.

This Breakout Box lesson is for middle and high school students and is designed to follow the Explore Corn and Growing Degree Day labs.

Corn Breakout Participants

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