Kansas Corn Mini Grant Application

The Kansas Corn Commission will continue to support teachers dedicated to teaching about our industry.   Each fall, following the September 15th deadline, we review mini grant applications that have been received.  Seed to STEM summer workshop graduates and ag teachers who have received support for a CASE lab are eligible to apply.  Elementary teachers needing supplies can request them via our request materials page at any time. Mini grant awards average around $250 worth of supplies.  We encourage teachers to use mini grants as a way to restock consumable items needed to conduct our labs or to request equipment that you still need for a lab. These are only awarded once a year with a deadline of September 15th. No notification will be given to you until after that date and upon approval of your request.  The supplies will be mailed to you the following October. Please be as detailed as possible regarding the materials you are requesting, quantity and how you plan to use them.