Curriculum for Agricultural Science Education

CASE Training and Support

The Kansas Corn Commission has been very supportive of Curriculum for Agriculture Science Education (CASE). Teachers who receive CASE training learn and practice curriculum that will help engage their students with hands on learning activities and labs.  We understand that lab equipment can be expensive to teach some of the labs.  There are four labs that focus on biofuels and/or corn that the Kansas Corn Commission and Renew Kansas supports by providing lab equipment.

Mini Grant Application

Mini grants are available for those who have received supplies from Kansas Corn before for the Clean Smoke lab and or Energy in Feed lab. Visit the application to learn more.

Sign up for training at the KAAE Summer Conference

If you have not been trained to teach the Clean Smoke Lab and or Energy in Feed Lab you can be trained to teach one or both of these labs at KAAE Summer Conference. Teachers who attend will receive $1000 in supplies. Be sure to reserve your spot.

Request Supplies for being a Kansas Ag Teacher

If you are a new teacher or past KSU graduate who has been trained to teach the Clean Smoke lab BUT you have not requested your additional supplies for becoming a Kansas Ag teacher request supplies for the Clean Smoke Lab and the Energy in Feed Lab. These supplies will need to be picked up at the KAAE Summer Conference.

AFNR 6.1.1 Clean Smoke

ASA 5.3.1 Energy in Feed

APT 5.1.4 Renewable Fuel

APT 5.1.6 Energy Output

It is important that educators know how to link the lab activities and results to the benefits of the ethanol industry. We have provided training videos that will assist with teaching the labs as well a resources to give you background information about our industry.

CASE training for Clean Smoke and Energy and Feed labs will be available to all ag teachers at KAAE Summer Conference each year. For questions contact us at

Ethanol Resources

Resources provided by Renewable Fuels Association

Corn Refiners Association-Corn Refining Process

Corn Refiners Association- The Four Components of the Kernel


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Clean Smoke Lab Part 1

In this CASE lab students will investigate the efficiency and environmental impacts of two combustible
fuels – kerosene and ethanol. They will compare the amount of heat released from combustion, particulate
matter produced, and carbon dioxide emitted for each fuel source.


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Clean Smoke Lab Part 2

Check out teacher tips to help with Clean Smoke lab.


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Energy in Feed Lab

In this CASE Energy in Feed lab students will measure the amount of energy in feedstuffs using calories or joules.  Feedstuffs higher in carbohydrates and fat contain more energy. Students will determine the energy content of different types of feeds by burning a portion of the feed and capturing the heat released in the known amount of water.  This technique is called calorimetry.

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Energy Output Lab

In the CASE Energy Output lab students will break into two groups and research the advantages and disadvantages of both fossil and biofuels.  Each group will burn one of the fuels and measure the number of calories per gram. Student will then compare and discuss the results.

CASE in Kansas Continues to Grow through Support from Kansas Corn Commission and Renew Kansas

Kansas Corn Commission and Renew Kansas were featured by National Association of Agricultural Educators for their commitment to Kansas teachers and CASE.

NAAE Blog Post

To learn more about Curriculum for Agricultural Science Education visit

Request an Ethanol Plant Tour and CASE Supplies

Check out our request materials form. Every Kansas teacher can request funding to take students 6-12th grade on an ethanol plant tour. All Kansas CASE trained teachers can request lab supplies.

Request Materials


Thank you Renew Kansas for partnering with the Kansas Corn Commission in helping fund lab supplies for Kansas CASE teachers.

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