Summer Scientist Lab Kit Request

The Kansas Corn STEM program is excited to offer the new Summer Scientist: Does Corn Need Light? lab kit. This kit is available to Kansas educators and volunteers, who are leading summer education programs. The free supplies and resources are provided to help you teach your children about agriculture in a fun scientific way. We will be accepting requests until May 18. Kits will be mailed out on May 20.

The Kansas Department of Education is already partnering with Kansas Corn STEM to provide this kit to the Summer Sponsors of the Summer Food Program. If you are one of those sponsors who has signed up to participate via KSDE you should be receiving this kit and a request is not needed.  If you need to confirm you are on the KSDE list please email

Summer Scientist: Does Corn Need Light? Lab Kit

In this kit, your summer scientists will  explore the role light plays in growing a healthy corn plant.  This kit will come with an instruction guide that will help you lead your scientists through the investigation. A bonus to this kit: it takes 7-10 days for corn to sprout. Encourage your students to stay engaged as they watch their plants grow. Your kit will include: pots, bag of soil, bag of corn seed, measuring spoons and instruction guide.

“We Grow Corn” Activity Guide

This book, created by Kansas Corn, was written for educators. It takes the reader through the year-long process of growing corn and highlights how agriculture plays an important role in our lives. The Summer Scientists lab kit will include 5 books and an activity guide. You will find information about how to expand learning with hands-on activities, farm video links and access to online challenges. The activity guide will have many learning options to allow for flexibility depending on what you want to do.