Mystery of Corn Readers

Kansas Corn STEM is excited to offer the Mystery of Corn Readers.  Four times during the school year, educators who subscribe can receive a reader for each student to investigate a mystery about corn. These readers are excellent to use along with other Kansas Corn STEM lessons or as a stand-alone piece. Each edition will have three versions: K-5, 6-8 and 9-12.


Mystery of Corn Readers come with a teacher guide to provide suggestions on how to use the readers in the classroom. The readers are available for anyone to print and use. Check out the readers and additional resources.

Reader Resources

The Mysteries

Written by Kansas teachers, the readers will allow students to investigate deeper into a mystery. The depth of the mystery increases with each age group. Along with the package of readers, there will be a teacher guide that gives suggestions on how to use the reader with your students.

  • September Mystery- Could it be Corn? Students will learn about how Kansas corn is used and how products we use every day may contain corn.  Students will investigate what products are made from corn, learn about a corn-related career, renewable resources, biodegradable products and how corn is playing a role in helping the Earth. There is a hands-on activity to go along with the investigation and a focus on key vocabulary words.
  • November Mystery- focus on history of corn.
  • January Mystery- focus on soil.
  • March Mystery-  focus on water.

Suggested Uses

  • Activity for substitute teacher
  • Science or STEM time
  • Small reading groups or reading center
  • Science and reading integrated
  • Career exploration
  • Fill time after quizzes and tests
  • After school resource

Spanish Version

Kansas Corn STEM is working with a team to provide Mystery of Corn Readers in Spanish as well.  If you choose to receive both English and Spanish readers, your shipment of the Spanish readers may come a little later due to time it takes for translation.



Mystery of Corn subscriptions are free to Kansas educators.  Complete the form below to subscribe. If at any time you need to change the number of readers you receive or want to cancel your subscription, email Like any subscription, the date  which you complete the form determines which edition you will start with. Readers will be mailed in September, November, January and March.

As of 9/6/21 all new requests will start receiving the readers in November.  The September reader is no longer available.