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The Kansas Corn STEM program creates and provides science lessons, labs and classroom materials for K-12 educators. As the need to produce more food with less resources grows, it is important that future generations have a better understanding of agriculture and career opportunities in agriculture. That’s why the Kansas Corn STEM program provides lessons to teach science through the lens of corn. All lessons meet Next Generation Science Standards, provide instructions to teach about agriculture easily and bring a greater awareness of the connection between science and agriculture.

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Teachers: Many of our lessons can be used for both classroom and remote learning. Several of our K-5 lessons and all of the 42 continuous learning at-home lessons our Kansas teacher team developed for the spring 2020 school shutdown are now TEACH-FLEX lessons!

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About Kansas Corn STEM

Investing in Kansas teachers and students is a priority for the Kansas Corn Commission. We are committed to providing materials and training to support STEM education while fostering an understanding of how corn farming and agriculture fit into our daily lives. Professional development workshops are offered to teachers seeking to expand their knowledge and inquiry-based teaching skills. Teachers can also request free teaching materials.

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