Educational Guest Speaker

Bill Johnston

Bill Johnston, Guest Speaker

Bill Johnston is a retired agricultural education teacher, farmer and crop adjuster. His 33 years of expertise in both education and farming make him the perfect speaker to kick off or finish up one of our lessons. He engages students from kindergarten to 12th grade, customizing the presentation for their grade level.



Shelly Robinson

Shelly Robinson, Guest Speaker

Shelly Robinson is a retired science teacher and part-time Technology Innovation Teacher at Topeka Collegiate School.  Her 31 years of expertise in education combined with her background in agriculture will make her a great speaker to complement our Kansas Corn STEM lessons.  Shelly will customize the presentation based on the grade level of your students and the topic requested.


“These speakers are AWESOME! Bill and Shelly customize their hands-on presentation to meet the teacher’s request.  Once you have them visit with your class you will want them to return each year.”- Maizey, Kansas Corn STEM Bitmoji

Bill and Shelly are conducting their presentations in the classroom, outside or in the gym. Virtual visits are available if virtual is the only option. They will meet your school’s safety requirements in order to still be able to visit with your students. 


Scheduling Your Visit

To enhance the presentation we suggest teachers plan to teach a Kansas Corn lesson prior to or right after the guest speaker’s visit. To assist with scheduling please provide multiple dates on the request form and reach out to your colleagues to see if they also want the speaker to visit their class on the same day.  We would prefer to not visit the same school twice in one year. Exceptions this year can be made should your class be split between two days due to hybrid teaching schedules.

In order to make the presentation engaging and hands-on we request that speaker present to groups with 25 or less students.  He is willing to present multiple times during his visit in order to keep the class sizes smaller.

Check availability of dates before requesting but please note that dates are filling. Please provide multiple options for visit dates should the date be no longer available as indicated on the calendar. This calendar reflects the schedule for both Bill and Shelly. View calendar here!

Suggested Topics

  • General/Kansas Agriculture
  • Biotechnology/GMO’s*
  • Ethanol Production*
  • Employment Opportunities in Agriculture*
  • Issues in Agriculture* (would discuss how to deal with issues versus discussing the issues themselves. e.g. water usage, biotechnology, chemical usage, farm bill, GMO’s)
  • History of Corn
  • Conservation and the Environment in Agriculture*
  • Other (teacher can request other topics if needed)

*More suited for 6th-12th grade