Breakout Box Workshop

This unique free professional development workshop involves learning about the corn industry while experiencing how to use Breakout boxes in the classroom. Discover how the use of a breakout box can challenge and teach students in a new way.  Free breakout box lessons are available to teachers.

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“Who wants free breakout boxes for your school?!?  Request to have a Kansas Corn STEM lead teacher visit your school to conduct a 1 hour professional development workshop.  Your school will then receive three free breakout boxes to share among the teachers in that school. Teachers say this is such a fun PD workshop.”-Maizey, Kansas Corn STEM Bitmoji

School districts that have elementary, middle school and high school in different buildings are eligible to receive free boxes per building.  Each building will need to have their own PD workshop with a minimum of 10 teachers present at each workshop. Coordinating with the other buildings so our lead teacher can visit all buildings in one day is preferred. Check out our free breakout box lessons!


Modeled after, workshop participants will be using the breakout boxes to learn about the history of corn while also “unlocking” new knowledge about how the Kansas Corn Commission is investing in teachers. At the completion of the workshop the school will receive three breakout boxes to share among the teachers, one year free subscription to and access to additional free resources from Kansas Corn STEM.

Please submit request form at least 3 weeks prior to your event.

Breakout Box Participants

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