Grade Level: 5

Kansas Corn: World Wide Web

Entire lesson below.  Also available is the printable PDF version.

Based on direct observation and inquiry, students learn the elements of a cornfield ecosystem, model the relationships among organisms through food chains and food webs, showing how matter and energy move through a system.  They investigate the human roles in agricultural food webs, and explore STEM careers in agronomy.

  • In Lesson 1, students observe the whole and parts of an outdoor ecosystem and begin to analyze the relationships among organisms in a corn field.
  • In Lesson 2, students learn more about the individual organisms in the ecosystem.  They use internet resources to gather and record information.
  • Lesson 3 builds on their research as they model food chains and food webs in a corn field.
  • Lesson 4 caps the unit off with explorations into the roles of agronomists in managing an agricultural food web, with students exploring STEM careers in agronomy.