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Looking for E15 for your 2001 and newer vehicle,
or higher blends for your FLEX FUEL vehicle?

Here’s a list of stations that offer E15 and higher ethanol blends. More are on the way!

Short Stop, 8207 S Port Dr #100, Manhattan, KS   map

Sandra’s Quick Shop, 24963 NE 169 Highway, Garnett, KS  map

Zarco American Fuels, 2005 W 9th St., Lawrence, KS  map

Casey’s General Store, 6741 SW 21st Street, Topeka, KS  map

Casey’s General Store, 1106 North Street, Seneca KS map

Smith Center
Casey’s General Store, 205 W. Hwy. 36, Smith Center, KS  map

Wichita Area

Jump Start, 1535 E Pawnee, Wichita, KS  map
Jump Start, 401 N. Commercial, Sedgwick KS  map
Jump Start, 3805 W. 21st, Wichita, KS  map
Jump Start, 7200 S Broadway, Haysville, KS  map
Kechi Convenience, 444-B N. Oliver, Kechi, KS  map
TJ’s Convenience, 104 W. Chicago, Colwich, KS  map

Find other Kansas stations that offer ethanol fuels by searching “Kansas” at!


FUEL RETAILERS–for information on the Kansas Better Blends Initiative funding visit the KBBI page at this link.

Ethanol Fuels the Future

Kansas ethanol plants have provided not only an important market for Kansas corn, but also offered investment and community development opportunities in towns across the state.

The Kansas Corn Commission: Promoting Ethanol

The Kansas Corn Commission funds projects to build markets and promote ethanol fuel. The most visible is the commission’s multi-year investment as a partner with Growth Energy and the National Corn Growers Association in the American Ethanol partnership with NASCAR racing. All NASCAR racing vehicles operate on 15 percent ethanol fuel. NASCAR has continually tested fuel’s performance over three years, and has proven that ethanol is great high performance fuel that works well on the race track and on the highway. One of the world’s largest marketing companies, NASCAR reaches millions of people each year with a pro-ethanol message. American Ethanol spokesman Austin Dillon won the 2013 NASCAR Nationwide Series™ championship thanks to his consistent performance throughout the season. Dillon drives for the Richard Childress Racing Team and plans to move to the Sprint Cup Series next year.

Dillon is the grandson of racing legend Childress, who is also a strong ethanol supporter. “The best part about the American Ethanol initiative isn’t the extra horsepower, performance and durability (although we certainly do love it) – it’s that we, as a sport, can give back and improve our country on so many critical issues,” Childress said.

The Kansas Corn Commission also works with the Renewable Fuels Association, Growth Energy, the American Coalition for Ethanol and Fuels America to educate consumers about ethanol and to build infrastructure for sales of E15 fuel for vehicles 2001 and newer, as well as higher blends of ethanol fuel for use in Flex Fuel vehicles.

The Kansas Corn Growers Association: Defending Ethanol

KCGA provides legislative and regulatory services for its members, and defending ethanol is a top priority for the association. The ethanol industry continues to weather challenges from the oil industry and others. The Renewable Fuels Standard, which helps to ensure market access, is key to the continued success of ethanol. KCGA and the National Corn Growers Association and our members continue to push back on efforts at the EPA to lower the level of ethanol in the RFS, and we remain vigilant against any efforts in Congress to repeal the RFS.

Kansas Ethanol Production

12 dry mill ethanol plants are currently in operation in Kansas producing about 550 million gallons per year. Current Kansas production creates a market for about 183 million bushels of sorghum and corn. The two grains are interchangeable in the ethanol-making process. One-third of the grain used for ethanol returns to the food stream as wet or dry distillers grains (DDGS), a valued, high-nutrient livestock feed. Kansas’ ethanol plants bring millions of dollars of revenue and economic development to Kansas and the rural communities where they are located.

Kansas Ethanol Plants:

Plant Location Capacity Bushels of grain used
Kansas Ethanol LLC | Lyons, KS 60 MGY 20 million
NESIKA Energy LLC | Scandia, KS 21 MGY 7 million
Arkalon Energy (Conestoga) | Hayne, KS 110 MGY 39 million
Bonanza Bioenergy (Conestoga) | Garden City, KS 73 MGY 24 million
White Energy-Russell | Russell, KS 55 MGY 18 million
Prairie Horizon Agri Energy | Phillipsburg, KS 40 MGY 14.3 million
Western Plains Energy | Campus, KS 45 MGY 16.1 million
East Kansas Agri Energy | Garnett, KS 50 MGY 13.3 million
MGP Ingredients | Atchison, KS 25 MGY 8.3 million
Reeve Agri-Energy | Garden City, KS 15 MGY 5.4 million
ESE Alcohol | Leoti, KS 1.5 MGY .5 million
Pratt Ethanol | Pratt, KS 55 MGY 18 million
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