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Corn Corps

Deadline for Kansas Corn Corps Class 3 is Sept. 30, 2018!

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Kansas Corn kicked off the first session of the Kansas Corn Corps Class 2 in December 2017 outside of Junction City at Rock Springs Ranch. Kansas Corn created the program in 2015 as a way for young farmers to network, learn more about the corn industry and develop new business skills that can benefit their own operations in the future. The class recently completed its domestic ag tour. Read about it here!

This program is funded by both the Kansas Corn Growers Association and the Kansas Corn Commission. It is free to all members of KCGA that are under the age of 45 and play active roles on their farming operations. For more information, contact Stacy Mayo, Director of Industry Relations.

The Kansas Corn Corps Class 2 participants are listed below with their names, farming operations and hometowns.

David and Alicia Allen, Smith Cattle Company, Sharon Springs, KS
Ben Bellar, Bellar Farm Inc., Howard, KS
Hayden Guetterman, Guetterman Brothers Family Farms, Bucyrus, KS
Sarah Ellison, Marquette, KS
Garrett and Arissa Kennedy, Knopf Farms/ Tri-Valley Seed & Services, Gypsum, KS
Kyler Millershaski, MK Farms, Lakin, KS
Ryan Niehues, Niehues Farm, Goff, KS
Chris Ostmeyer, Ostmeyer Family Farms, Park City, KS

Kansas Corn Corps Class 2:  (left to right) Front Row: Alicia Allen, Sara Ellison, Kyler Millershaski, Arissa Kennedy, Hayden Guetterman Back Row: Ben Bellar, Chris Ostmeyer, Garrett Kennedy, Ryan Niehues.

Kansas Corn Corps is designed to provide learning and networking opportunities for young farmers

  • Sessions are organized in three sections:
    1. How you fit into your farm and progress as an individual
    2. How your farm fits into the industry and progresses as a farm
    3. What opportunities and hurdles we face in the industry and how we progress as the corn industry
  • Each Corn Corps class provides the opportunity for up to 10 farms to build a network of progressive young farmers from across Kansas. The class will participate in three sessions and a domestic trip over a 16-month period.

What Participants Have Said

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Corn Corps Class 3 Application Deadline Is Sept. 30, 2018

We look forward to seeing applications from our next group of interested young farmers. We do keep the classes small between 8-10 farms in order to keep the environment conducive to the sessions. For more information on the program and the various sessions, please check the program information file.

Those that are eligible for the program:

  • Participants must be either individuals or farming couples actively engaged in Kansas corn production
  • Participants must be 45 years old or younger
  • Men and women are encouraged to apply
  • An applicant who is actively engaged in corn production, but is employed by an operation must have employer approval
  • Couples can, and are encouraged to, participate, but application must list both names
  • All participants must be members of Kansas Corn Growers Association

Apply for Corn Corps Class 3

Deadline for applications for the third Corn Corps Class is Sept. 30, 2018!

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