Young Farmer Business Development Program

Corn Corps

Established in 2016, Kansas Corn Corps serves as young farmer business development program. Participants engage in networking, learn more about the corn industry and develop new business skills that will benefit their own operations in the future.

The program consists of four sessions that take place over a 16-month period. Three of the four sessions take place in Kansas and one takes place outside of Kansas. These sessions are on the weekends to accommodate for work schedules, except for the domestic trip.

Corn Corps has three main focus areas:

  • You: How do you fit into your farm and move forward as an individual?
  • Your Farm: How does your farm fit into the industry and continue to be successful?
  • Your Industry: What opportunities and challenges will the corn industry face in the future and how can you move the corn industry forward?

Speakers at the sessions will challenge participants and push them to think critically. The topics related to the three focuses areas are set by the Kansas Corn team, but participants provide input. This is the participants’ opportunity to engage with the industry, learn new business skills; therefore it is a highly interactive participant-directed program.

Each Corn Corps class provides the opportunity for up to ten farms to participate.

Corn Corps Sessions

The Corn Corps young farmer program has four engaging sessions with notable speakers and tours of agribusinesses and farms.

Planned Corn Corps Dates for 2022 (subject to change)
December 10-12 (Fri-Sun)
February 4-6 (Fri-Sun)
August 2022 Domestic Trip (Dates Chosen by Class)
December 9-11, 2022 (Fri-Sun)
Mar 8-11, 2023 (Wed-Sat) Commodity Classic

Check out some of the places we have been.

Corn Corps Class 5 Application

Class 5 applications are now available! Applications are due October 15, 2021.

Each Application must include the following to be considered:

  • Completed application form with a current KCGA membership
  • Applicants must be involved in a corn-farming operation
  • Three-year memberships are available for $110
  • Two reference forms completed by non-family members
  • Must attend all 4 sessions, dates for Class 5 are TBD.

Couples or individuals between the ages of 21-45 are encouraged to apply. For couples, you must each complete an application and each hold a KCGA membership. We realize some of the answers will be the same.

Apply by filling out the forms online.

Corn Corps Graduates

Since 2016, three classes have completed Kansas Corn Corps.

Corn Corps Class 3

  • Kelby Adams, Macksville
  • Nicole Adams, Macksville
  • Derek Belton, Tampa
  • Shawn Geffert, Humboldt
  • Kylee Geffert, Humboldt
  • Jay Ostmeyer, Manhattan
  • Hayes Kelman, Dodge City
  • Shelby Kelman, Dodge City
  • Nathan Simshauser, Lakin
  • Jessica Simshauser, Lakin
  • Matt Symns, Atchison
  • Stephanie Symns, Atchison

Corn Corps Class 2

  • David Allen, Smith Cattle Company, Sharon Springs, KS
  • Alicia Allen, Smith Cattle Company, Sharon Springs, KS
  • Ben Bellar, Bellar Farm Inc., Howard, KS
  • Hayden Guetterman, Guetterman Brothers Family Farms, Bucyrus, KS
  • Sarah Ellison, Marquette, KS
  • Garrett Kennedy, Knopf Farms/ Tri-Valley Seed & Services, Gypsum, KS
  • Arissa Kennedy, Knopf Farms/ Tri-Valley Seed & Services, Gypsum, KS
  • Kyler Millershaski, MK Farms, Lakin, KS
  • Chris Ostmeyer, Ostmeyer Family Farms, Park City, KS

Corn Corps Class 1

  • Tanner McNinch, McNinch Farms, Ness City, KS
  • Krystale  Neitzel, Bismark Farm, Lawrence, KS
  • Lowell Neitzel, Bismark Farm, Lawrence, KS
  • Brandon Heier, Haier Farms and Twin H. Cattle Company LLC, Grainfield, KS
  • JD Hanna, Hanna Farms, Silver Lake, KS
  • Matt Splitter, Splitter Farms, Lyons, KS
  • Janna Splitter, Splitter Farms, Lyons, KS
  • Geoff Burgess, Burgess Hill Farms, Sterling, KS
  • Jenny Burgess, Burgess Hill Farms, Sterling, KS
  • Coby Baalman, Baalman Farms, Menlo, KS
  • Megan Baalman, Baalman Farms, Menlo, KS


How do I submit my application?

You can apply online. If you have any issues, please contact  Emily Koop, Director of Market & Leadership Development by email at

Where are the reference forms?

Please direct your references to this link to fill out the reference form.

Can I ask a family member to fill out a reference form for me?

No, all reference forms need to be completed by non-family members.

How can I become a member?

You can purchase a membership here. You can purchase either a three-year or one-year membership, but you will need to be an active member throughout the entire program. The three-year membership also provides the bonus of a free bag of seed.

Do couples fill out one application or two?

Couples need to each fill out their own application. We realize some of the information will overlap pertaining to the farming operation.

Do couples need two memberships or one?

A couple would need two memberships as each person is participating and contributing.

What are the expenses of the program?

Participating farmers are responsible for getting themselves to and from the sessions, but the costs of food and accommodations are covered by Kansas Corn. This is also true for the Session 3 domestic trip, but they are responsible for getting to the airport.

How are participants selected?

Kansas Corn team reviews applicants and references information to choose each class. Additional one-on-one follow up with applications will occur if necessary.

Who do I contact if I have aditional questions about the Corn Corps program?

Please contact Emily Koop, Director of Market & Leadership Development by email at

What Corn Corps Members Say