Kansas Corn Collegiate Academy

The Kansas Corn Collegiate Academy gives college students the opportunity to dive deeper into the corn industry, providing insights into the opportunities and hurdles that lie ahead of the corn industry and how their future career paths may be impacted.

Participating students will create a capstone project that will relate the information they have learned back to their area of study. Students will participate in a day at the Statehouse in Topeka and Corn Congress in Washington D.C. as well as two other learning sessions across the state of Kansas during the spring semester.  Applicants must be currently enrolled in post-secondary school and still in school through the fall semester of 2020.

Collegiate Academy Application Requirements

Each application must include the following pieces to be considered:

  • Completed application form answering all of the questions
  • Must have a student membership, memberships are available for $25 for 12 months
  • Student must attend a post-secondary education Kansas institution
  • Must be enrolling in classes for the spring and fall 2020 semesters
  • Two reference forms from non-family members, one must be an academic contact
  • One-page resume highlighting academic, work and extracurricular activities and experience
  • Tentative Dates for sessions; Session 1 January 17-19, Session 2, policy day February 18, Session 3 April 24-26, Session 4, July 13-17 Corn Congress in Washington D.C.

Applications are due November 15, 2019. Confirmation email will be sent to student when all necessary materials and forms are received.


How do I submit my application?

The application forms for Collegiate Academy will be posted online.

What expenses are not covered

Almost all expenses are covered by Kansas Corn. Participants are responsible for getting themselves to the meeting spot (Manhattan) for the three in-state sessions. Travel will be covered for the Washington D.C. session.

When will the four sessions be?

Tentative Dates for sessions

  • Session 1 January 17-19
  • Session 2, policy day February 18
  • Session 3 April 24-26, Session 4
  • July 13-17 Corn Congress in Washington D.C.

How are students selected?

Students are selected through this application process by one Kansas Corn Growers Association Board member, one Kansas Corn Commissioner and one industry representative.

Is the Kansas Corn Collegiate Academy & the Next Generation Scholarship open to graduate students?

Yes, both of these opportunities are open to graduate and undergraduate students. More details about who is eligible to apply can be found on the applications.

What if I have not received my student membership number?

You can email: membership@ksgrains.com for your number, or you can put “Submitted” on the line for the membership number. We try to get applications processed in a timely fashion, but there can be delays.

Can I use the same references for both the Kansas Corn Collegiate Academy and the Next Generation Scholarship?

Yes, you can ask the same person to complete a reference form for both applications. However, they will need to complete separate forms for both the Kansas Corn Collegiate Academy & the Next Generation Scholarship.

Can I get help with class conflicts that fall during the sessions?

Kansas Corn is here to help, the Collegiate Coordinator will provide you with a customized excuse letter for your professor(s).

Can I ask a family member to fill out a reference form for me?

No, all reference forms need to be completed by non-family members.

What participants say about their experience

For more information on this program, please
contact Emily Koop, Eastern KS Representative.