Building the Future of Kansas Corn


The Kansas Corn Commission is made up of farmers elected from each of the nine crop reporting districts in the state. The commission determines how checkoff funds will be invested in the areas of market development, education, promotion and research. The Kansas Corn Commission continually looks to the future focusing on:

  • Strengthening and expanding our foreign and domestic markets for “corn in all forms”. This includes building markets for corn, red meat, ethanol, DDGS and other corn products
  • Building infrastructure and demand for higher blends of ethanol fuels
  • Investing in youth and young growers through programs focusing on K-12 STEM education; college programs to encourage students to consider careers in corn, and our young grower program that builds a network and provides tools to help young farmers succeed
  • Sharing positive information about corn farming and agriculture with consumers who are becoming increasingly misinformed and wary of our food system
  • Supporting research to ensure our growers have access to the most innovative technology and production practices to grow profitable and sustainable corn crops

KCC Annual Report

Our annual report is published in the January issue of Kansas Farmer magazine and reviews the Kansas Corn Commission's activities.

NEW! 2020 KCC Annual Report 2019 Annual Report 2018 Annual Report

KCC Meetings

Meeting Announcement: The Kansas Corn Commission will meet at 8 a.m. on Monday, Dec. 6, 2021, at the Bluemont Hotel, 1212 Bluemont Ave., Manhattan.

All KCC meetings are open to the public. For more information, please contact Stacy Moorberg via email at or via phone at 785-410-5009.


Kansas Corn Checkoff Refunds

Corn Refund Voucher Requests

The Kansas Corn Commission implemented a change (effective June 1, 2018) to the Kansas corn checkoff refund procedure to make refunds easier to track and provide a more uniform checkoff refund system.

Growers wishing to receive a refund can request an individually-numbered refund voucher from the Kansas Corn Commission. Voucher requests can be made in writing, on-line or by phone. The commission staff will assign a number to each voucher and send it to the grower who is requesting the refund. The voucher cannot be copied. The voucher is a simple two-part form that is filled out by the grower and the first purchaser of the corn. Only one voucher is needed per first purchaser. Multiple sales to one first purchaser can be submitted on the same voucher. A grower may request up to 15 vouchers per request. to request a voucher online, please fill out the form below

To request a form by phone, call the KCC office at 785-410-5009.



Refund Voucher Request

Corn Refund Voucher Request

  • Please enter a number from 1 to 15.
    One voucher needed per first purchaser. Multiple sales to one first purchaser can be submitted on one voucher. A grower may request up to 15 vouchers per request.

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