Kansas Corn Next Generation Scholarship

The Next Generation Scholarship is part of an effort put on by Kansas corn farmers to support students in post-secondary education who are making an impact in the corn and agriculture industry. Kansas Corn awards $1,000 Next Generation Scholarships.

Students who attend a Kansas Institution, are sophomores through PhD level, and hold a student membership are eligible to apply. Students enrolled in technical institutions are welcome to apply.

Scholarship Requirements 

  • Must be a sophomore through PhD level student
  • Hold a student membership, available here for $25
  • Must attend the Kansas Corn Symposium January 23, 2020, in Manhattan
  • Applicants must submit a one-page resume highlighting academic, work and extracurricular activities and experiences
  • Two reference forms from non-family members, one must be an academic contact from the school currently attending
  • Official copy of post-secondary transcript of grades through spring 2019 and proof of enrollment fall 2019, class schedule can be used

Applications are due October 31, 2019.

Northwest Kansas Specific Scholarship

Within our Next Generation Scholarship, we have additional scholarship dollars available for students who are either a northwest Kansas native or a Kansas native attending a northwest Kansas institution. Students who qualify and are interested must apply for our Next Generation Scholarship and meet current scholarship requirements. The order of preference for the additional scholarship is as follows:

  • attends a Kansas institution and is a northwest Kansas native
  • attends a school in northwest Kansas – Ft. Hays or community colleges and is a Kansas resident with preference to a NW KS native


How do I submit my application?

The applications forms will be posted online.

What qualifies a student as a sophomore?

A student who has completed 30 or more hours at college-level courses is considered the sophomore status and is able to apply as long as they meet the other qualifications.

How are students selected?

Students are selected through this application process by one Kansas Corn Growers Association Board member, one Kansas Corn Commissioner and one industry representative.

Is the Kansas Corn Collegiate Academy & the Next Generation Scholarship open to graduate students?

Yes, both of these opportunities are open to graduate and undergraduate students. More details about who is eligible to apply can be found on the applications.

Can out of state students receive this scholarship?

Yes, students attending post-secondary schools in that state of Kansas are eligible for the Kansas Corn Next Generation Scholarship. Students who are from Kansas attending a post-secondary school outside of Kansas are not eligible for the Kansas Corn Next Generation Scholarship.

Do my parents have to be a member of Kansas Corn Growers Association?

No, your parents do not have to be members of KCGA. Students must purchase a student KCGA membership to be considered for the Kansas Corn Next Generation Scholarship.

What if I have not received my student membership number?

You can email: memberhsip@ksgrains.com for your number, or you can put “Submitted” on the line for the membership number. We try to get applications processed in a timely fashion, but there can be delays.

Can I use the same references for both the Kansas Corn Collegiate Academy and the Next Generation Scholarship?

Yes, you can ask the same person to complete a reference form for both applications. However, they will need to complete separate forms for both the Kansas Corn Collegiate Academy & the Next Generation Scholarship.

Can I ask a family member to fill out a reference form for me?

No, all reference forms need to be completed by non-family members.

For more information on this program, please
contact Emily Koop, Eastern KS Representative.