Kansas Corn Disappointed in Senate’s Failure to Pass GMO Labeling Bill

Consumers and farmers are the losers in the Senate’s failure to pass Kansas Senator Pat Roberts’ bill that would create a uniform, national labeling standard. The Kansas Corn Growers Association supported the bill, introduced by Senate Agriculture Committee Chair Roberts that would have headed off the implementation of arbitrary state GMO labeling requirements.
Kansas Senators Roberts and Moran voted in favor of the bill.
“This was a critical bill for consumers and farmers alike,” Kansas Corn Growers Association CEO Greg Krissek said. “States like Vermont will enact state labeling laws very soon, creating a de facto activist-driven national standard for food labeling. Food labeling is a national issue and should be governed on the federal level.”
Companies already have the ability to claim their products are GMO-free for marketing purposes. The overwhelming scientific evidence has proven the safety of this technology and the vital role it will play in meeting the growing need to feed a growing global population. A jumble of mandated state-level GMO labeling will create confusion and stigmatize food products containing GMO ingredients and would serve a small activist population at the expense of consumers.

“Senator Roberts’ bill would have placed the authority for food labeling on the federal level instead of having a jumble of politically-driven state GMO labeling laws that will confuse consumers and increase food prices,” Krissek said. “Kansas has been a leader in seeking science-based federal labeling for GMO products with Senator Roberts’ bill on the Senate side and Representative Mike Pompeo’s bill which was passed by the house last summer.”

National Corn Growers Association President Chip Bowling said, “This legislation would have provided consumers with a greater amount of information in a consistent, clear manner. Farmers are committed to creating greater transparency in the food system, but we also need Congress to set clear, commonsense guidelines that are based in science and keep food affordable for American families.

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